Strict enforcement on Tobacco Control Law from May 1, 2013
Saturday, 09 Dec 2023

Ministry of Transportation and comprehensive Law on prevention and Cotrol of Tobacco harm in Transportation Sector

Updated at 16 Oct 2013, 13:59
According to the first ever strong and comprehensive Law on prevention and control of Tobacco harm released by the National Assembly in 18 June 2012,
 It stated the smoke free regulations, including the comprehensive indoor and outdoor smoke free public places (healthcare facilities; educational institution from preschool to highs school), indoor smoke free places (workplaces, colleges, universities…) and specific places where indoor smoking is prohibited but available designated smoking area.  
Currently, “Smoke Free Transportation” Project has been implemented by the Ministry of Transportation in close collaboration with the Health Bridge Canada Vietnam with a goal of effective enforcement of smoke free transportation. In October 7th, 2013 the Minister of Transportation has issued Directive on implementation of the Law among the transportation sector.
The Directive requests that all of indoor working area of ministerial departments, offices and institutes, schools and companies at all level, provincial department of transportation shall be smoke free. Ban of smoking is also completely enforced in the public means of vehicle (included bus, train and airplane).
In addition, in case of designated smoking area available in the ships and trains, it must be qualified of the air ventilation system separate from no smoking area. If case of failure of above qualified condition, the above vehicles shall be absolutely indoor smoke free.
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