Strict enforcement on Tobacco Control Law from May 1, 2013
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Ceremonies launching the TC Law implementation in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

Updated at 21 Aug 2013, 14:39
In Hanoi, 8 May 2013, in collaboration with the Section of Propagation and Communication of Central Youth Union, VINACOSH worked with Hanoi Youth Union to develop the program to launch the ceremony. The University of Water Resources with its outstanding results in Youth development activities was selected.
The ceremony has attracted more than 280 participants, included the dean/students of this university, 30 journalists and reporters of different television agencies, VINACOSH and high ranking officers of Central and Hanoi Youth Union. Besides, the ceremony also welcomed the representatives of all TCWGs in Hanoi, WHO and WLF, Union, TFK Director of International Grants, Program Officer). The ceremony was held in 7th May 2013 with an aim to introduce the TC Law  implementation for Youth members, persuade Youth to log on and support to the website, SMS campaign to implement the Law (developed by WLF). Besides, they also informed about the campaign of distributing leaflets to restaurants and hotels in Hanoi.
Ceremony for TC Law implementation, Hanoi, University of Water Resources
After the ceremony, Hanoi Youth Union released two important documents. The first is their plan of TC Law implementation which is sent to all of sub- Youth Union in Hanoi area (Youth Union in universities, colleges, schools, companies, State enterprises…). The second is their official letter to urge their sub Youth Union members to log on to the website and join SMS campaign launched by the WLF.
In Ho Chi Minh City, in the close collaboration with the HIEC and Youth Union, the same ceremony has been organized in Ton Duc Thang University in 14 May 2013.
                                                    Ceremony for TC Law implementation
There were 283 participants in the ceremony, represented for People’s Committee, VINACOSH, media agencies, HIEC, Youth Union of all districts and leaders, students of Ton Duc Thang Univeristy. This is well known as the smoke free university that gained some outstanding results in developing the healthier and good lifestyle for students.
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