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Tobacco Control working group meeting on Plan of Communication

Updated at 11 Oct 2013, 09:15
Aimed at fostering the implementation of tobacco control and enhancement of smoke free, in October 9th 2013, VINACOSH has collaborated with the World Lung Foundation (WLF)
 To organize the meeting with Tobacco Control Working Group on the plan of communication, with focus of graphic health warnings and Government Decree on sanctions of administrative violations.

The meeting is chaired by Dr. Phan Thi Hai, Vice Director of VINACOSH with the representatives from Hanoi School of Public Health, Vietnam Public Health Association, Health Bridge Canada and WHO, CDS… The meeting also welcomed the WLF technical experts (Prof. Tom Carroll and Sam collogue) Sam Kolinsky).

In the meeting, Prof. Tom Carroll shared some initial ideas of communication campaigns supported by WLF; included the video competition for the people at aged of 16- 35, graphic and poster design, quotation and slogans of smoke free.

Besides, the graphic health warnings regulations would be further strongly communicated by series of TV spot on air. In addition, TCWG also discussed the plan of communication for the Government Decree on sanctions of administrative violations such as development and broadcasting the reportages on the Decree, launching ceremonies in many provinces/cities and training workshops for capacity building to ministerial enforcers …

The overall plan of communication will be finalized and submitted for approval by VINACOSH and Ministry of Health for implementation
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