Strict enforcement on Tobacco Control Law from May 1, 2013
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Ceremony launching to the National No Tobacco Week and World No Tobacco Day, 25-31 May 2013

Updated at 27 May 2013, 11:56
On 25 April 2013, Vinacosh - Ministry of Health of Vietnam organized The ceremony responding to the WNTD and National no Tobacco week has been organized in Hanoi Opera House "National Heritage"
The ceremony has been chaired by the A/c Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen, Vice Minister of Health and Madame Nguyễn Thi Kha, member of Committee of Social Affairs, National Assembly. Additionally, the leaders from General Department of Health Service Administration, relevant Ministry of health department, representatives for ministries, sectors and mass organizations, plus with 400 students and 50 journalists from central mass agencies were also attended to the ceremony. Especially, PhD Sarah England, senior program manager from the Bloomberg Philanthropies was attended and conveyed the letter of Michael Bloomberg, the Major of New York city, USD to the Prime Minister for congratulations to the Vietnam remarkable achievements on tobacco control.
                    A/c Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen - Vice Minister of Health VietNam
This year, WHO select the theme of WNTD as “Ban of TAP”- Ban of Tobacco Advertising and Promotion” with an aim to help the countries aware the strategies of tobacco industry in expansion of its consumption market. Right 2000, the National Policy on Tobacco Harms Prevention and Control already regulates the ban of TAPs at any forms
In 11 November 2004, the President has ratified the implementation of FCTC WHO (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) with a strong commitment to curb the tobacco epidemic in appropriate and effective manner, in which the ban of TAPs is again focused.
In 18 June 2012, the National Assembly adopted the Tobacco Control Law, the regulations on comprehensive ban of TAPs are remarkable and positive.
In the ceremony, the Ministry of Health call for the support and strong compliance of the organizations and individuals on the smoke free environment at workplaces, at school and other public places, non smoking at prohibited places, No TAPs for the better vision of smoke free and healthy air for all people.
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